What makes us tick

We think. We create. We make.

Some agencies promise the BIG idea when all you want is the smart idea. Some aim for the sky when your audience’s feet are firmly on the ground. Here at Noise Inc, we don’t worry how big or how small an idea is, as long as it’s the right idea.
Whether it’s creating and managing amazing content that makes your audience beg for more, robust technical builds on everything from iPhones to Augmented Reality or you just want smart people, creating smart ideas to make your next marketing campaign exceed your wildest expectations, you’re in the right place. We have a hugely experienced, passionate team with a deep understanding of the marketing, entertainment, music, games and social arenas to name but a few. We also make a mean cup of tea so get in touch and find out how we can make your world seem simple again.

Us in a nutshell

  • Mobile. We design and develop exciting, platform-agnostic apps, games and services for mobile devices. Whatever your digital ambitions and challenges, we will work with you to turn opportunity into reality.
  • Web innovation. Whether it’s the latest kick-ass web 3D or sending your next product into space (literally), we do big ideas, we do smart ideas, we do social ideas but most importantly, we get results.
  • Entertainment content. We also create and manage content, branded entertainment and promotional strategies for major global businesses. Vodafone, one of the UK’s largest digital music retailers, is just one.