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Kinectfusion: Realtime 3D surface mapping with Kinect

My brain hurts after watching this. Not so much from figuring out how they did it, that’s fairly straight forward, more from the possibilities it opens up. Really want to use this in a project really soon. I’m making this… Continue Reading →

If Minecraft was made from Javascript Jelly

Been playing with Eberhard Gräther‘s WebGL / Javascript Soft Body Painter on-and-off all evening. Essentially, you just draw blocks in the air a la Minecraft and let them drop onto a surface. Sounds dull but with the added jelly effect, it’s great fun…. Continue Reading →

Cross-platform mobile development

A common question we’re being asked is: ‘I want to support iPhone and Android – is there a way we can use a multi-platform framework so it only needs to be built once?’.  Here’s our take. The idea of using… Continue Reading →

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