Innovation with results

Many agencies talk about innovation. It’s an easy word to use to spice up any client conversation. Very few have the ability to truly deliver, let alone know what’s really on the bleeding edge of digital and social innovation.

But innovation is useless without the results. Innovation doesn’t have to be the latest whizz-bang-3D-augmented-optical-implant (with lasers) to be innovative. We see innovation in business models, in simplicity, in answering real audience needs for the first time or in making a real, physical difference to the world using technology. We also understand the power of innovation when it comes to instant PR or building a buzz around new communities. We love making cool stuff too but we always make sure innovation has a reason.

Here at Noise Inc, we also have real, tangible experience in many of the emerging and established platforms. Our Creative Director is also a coder. Our Tech Director is an artist. We enjoy blurring the boundaries between technical, creative, user experience and marketing. Only when you have a deep understanding of each discipline can you start to connect the dots that others miss.

We love tinkering, breaking and making. From the myriad of social APIs to augmented reality, 3D Unity games, 360º interactive video, robotics and hardware programming, real-time gaming and sharing, video and webcam manipulation, dynamic audio processing, desktop-connected mobile gaming… the list goes on. We live, love and breathe creative technology.

The digital world is our playground. Come in and play with us!